Did you know that people from all cultures are attracted to (geometric) patterns? These patterns can be found in many buildings, books and artwork all over the world. From the Western World to the Arabian World and Asia. For the lamps of Lampshapers the strength of century old geometrics is combined with our own contemporary pattern designs. This way the lamp not only creates a special interplay of light and shadows, but it also makes the lamp an intriguing eye catcher when the light is off. Because the attraction to patterns and shadow play are so universal, I hope that the lamps will enlighten many spaces around the world while helping everyone to feel at home.

During designing the lamps I often think of Escher’s work. His work has always been a source of inspiration. I puzzle with lines and patterns until it forms a harmonious and at the same time exciting 3D-object. I want the lamps to encourage you to see all kinds of things in it and to make you curious of how they are assembled. To create a true 3D-object I also want all connections to be integrated with the design. For this reason the lamps have become like puzzles; a series of flat (pattern) designs that slide into each other without needing any extra connecting elements. An advantage of the puzzle principle is the possibility to safe and easy ship it world wide in a compact package.

In the next video you can see a fast forwarded assembly of pendant Antler. Below this video you can find the original video on how to assemble pendant Antler in more detail.