I’ve searched a long time for it, but I’ll never forget how my interior revived when I found a chandelier exactly to my liking. During the day it was like jewelry for my living room and at night it casted mesmerizing shadows because of the polished glass and the vertical threads of the shade. I’d put a lot of effort into styling my living room, but I realized that it was this chandelier that made the styling complete. That moment I learned that lighting determines how you experience an area. At the end of 2014 I was surprised again by what the effect can be of special interior lighting. This happened at Willemine’s home. She’s a good friend with whom I studied Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft at the same time. I saw how she was making a lamp with cardboard. She’d cut patterns out of cardboard to put it together into some kind of sphere. With a light bulb inside this sphere she foresaw that it would create very special and nice shadows. I was so impressed and inspired by her idea that I started making a variant that same night. This was the start of Lampshapers. Willemine and I developed our ideas into a unique lighting collection with joined enthusiasm. After this, Willemine decided to continue her other passions. For me, the Lampshapers adventure had only just started and I am full of ambition to create a wow-effect in many interiors with the designs of Lampshapers. Not only with the existing lighting collection, because more is possible. For example using a company logo as a pattern in the design. Or to compile a set of lamps to spectacularly fill the open space in an entrance or hallway. Together with clients I explore their wishes. Based on these wishes I design or select a beautiful eye catcher that impresses.
Angelique Schouten, owner of Lampshapers
Photoos of the start of Lampshapers and her founders; Willemine Biemond and Angelique Schouten